It is not necessary to donate money only. We will be happy to receive anything that can useful for the kids and for running of the institution. It can be new or even your children's used things.Many people send us infant formulas which we regularly need on daily basis. You can also donate food grains, grocery items like soap, washing powder, stationary etc.

If you are buying things to donate to us, please get the receipt in the name of Kilbil orphanage and send it to us with the donated material. We will immediately give you a receipt of the same amount. That helps us in auditing. You can even give away your children's used clothes, toys, cradles, books etc. Please DO NOT DONATE sweets and junk food.

Mahila Vikas Mandal Chandrapur is also registered on Benevity causes portal. If your organization or company has a matching donation program, you can donate through Benevity website